Street Lights Project Phase One Begins

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This is the process of making the posts for our streetlights. After some research in some of the surrounding neighborhoods we noticed that the typical galvanized post that were used has some weaknesses. A lot of them we damaged in the 2016 Hurricane Mathew that devastated the southern part of the country. We decided to make our own. Using rebar and cement we made our 25”x 25” posts that should do a better job of withstanding a hurricane such as Mathew

Moving these massive posts was a community effort. It is impossible to say how much they weigh. It took everyone working together both mentally physically to place them where they needed to me. Some of them had to be carried over 200 meters.

This welder is putting together the boxes that will hold all the electrical equipment that will make our lights function. Battery, inverter, timer, charge controller, and alarm. These will be welded at the top of each post with the solar panel welded on top.

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