Construction to complete the Soccer Stadium at Parc Antoine Simon (Part 1)

Fonfred and the neighboring communities gather for events in Parc Antoine Simon. This park is where soccer tournaments are held, feasts are hosted, and even wedding banquets held! Completing the stadium will provide the community with a beautiful facility to rent for income, a safe place to host community gatherings, and most importantly to provide hope at this bleak time. Haitians Can proposes to complete the stadium construction consisting of a circumferential wall, solar powered lights to permit evening events, and stands to allow visitors to participate in the many activities held there.

The park is named after Antoine Simon, a former Haitian president born in 1908 in Fonfred! His family donated the land in 1976 to a local group and over the years, pieces of land have been added to create the large field we now enjoy today. The community has a passion for soccer and the local team is named Hazel, after a hurricane that devastated Les Cayes in 1976. This park is where all members of the community come together to watch their sons, nephews and brothers play in tournaments arranged by local leaders. In the past, the perimeter was fenced with coconuts leaves. Over the years, the community has used tin pieces to fence it in little by little. This park is the primary source of engagement and attraction in this community which is very proud of this possession. Completing construction on this park represents a major accomplishment and victory for the community.