Street Lights Project Phase One Complete

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We were very blessed to have a truck with a crane aide us in this phase of the project. With the holes already dug and ready to go, with the help of one of the members of the community, it was easy to set the posts in place. The young men in the community giving a hand to make sure that the posts went into the hole straight.

Then we added welded boxes and solar panel frames that held all the electrical components and solar panel. They were welded to the rebar at the top of the posts. Then the solar panels were added.

Everyone gave a helping hand. The farmer below is coming from harvesting and decided to help by moving this very heavy generator from post to post.

The nightly dominoes just got a boost. From candlelight to our streetlights shining well into the night.

One of the community members in the video below says says: I am very happy right now, before I used to live in the country which was always dar. Since we have lights now feels like we are living in downtown. Now I am happy to say I don’t live only in Vonvon ( it’s vonvonville). I don’t feel like going to sleep right now. I feel like staying under this light for the whole night but unfortunately they have to go off at a certain time. But I am happy with the impact.

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