Street Lights Project

Street in Fonfred
Street in Fonfred

At a Glance

City lights do not exist throughout the urban and suburban regions of Haiti.  School is divided between morning and afternoon sessions, with older children typically attending afternoon sessions.  Walking home at dusk and studying by candlelight are just a few of the many daily struggles for Haitian children lucky enough to attend school.   Most are unable to complete their education because of such limitations. By extending city power throughout the village of Fonfrèd along with solar powered lights on the same electric poles, we can provide safety for women walking to the well, hope for students unable to study in darkness, community for a village now able to gather outside of work hours, along with all the blessings electricity would bring.


We seek to raise $13,000. We project to complete the project three months after accrual and receipt of funds.  Labor will be supplied by the village of Fonfrèd.