Empowering Haiti through its Communities

Who are we?

Haitians Can is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the people of Haiti find and pursue their dreams and passions. This organization funds projects identified by local community leaders to embolden current and future generations through education, sports, and community building. We believe HAITIANS CAN will change Haiti community by community. There has been a major earthquake and significant tropical storms (and one pending) in southwestern Haiti. There has been major loss of life and injuries to thousands of persons. Many have asked about how they might donate to the restoration of the region. We know this will be a long process and we will be looking at long term strategies. Food, water and shelter are an immediate need. Independent shipments of material, food and more without careful coordination is problematic. Haitians Can will accepting monetary donations and we assure you that any donations will be carefully directed to where the greatest need and 100% will go to this need and none to "overhead." Simply use the Donate Now button. At this point we will redirect all donations to this effort. Please pray for the donations and more importantly for Haiti and her wonderful people. The water and lighting projects are holding up very well and are supplying great help the community.


See how we are reaching a lot of people and helping.

Water Tower: Irrigation (Phase 2)

We are digging! It’s been a long time coming but...

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Street Lights Project Phase Two

Seventeen of the eighteen posts went up today! We spent...

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charging station

Charging Station is Up and Running

We added a larger power supply to one of the...

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