Construction to complete the Soccer Stadium at Parc Antoine Simon (Part 2)

The community of Fonfred has always participated in deciding which projects are prioritized for completion using Haitians Can support. They identified the solar-powered water tower, the solar-powered street lights along the main street of Fonfred, the cellular charging station at the water well, and the irrigation project delivering water directly to homes and farms. These projects have been completed. This community has now requested construction of a stadium in Parc Antoine Simon. The two-phased project is funded by generous donors of Haitians Can, and the labor is supplied by the community. This stadium will host soccer tournaments and weddings, providing an opportunity for community building.

This stadium will generate revenue for the town by paid advertisement on wall space and stadium rental for outside events. Importantly, the vision for and completion of this stadium manifest the strength and hope of the beautiful people of Haiti. We acknowledge their indomitable spirit.

Images and Videos about the construction